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Diwali Laxmi Pooja Deepavali Festival Puja 2012

Deepavali Special Puja 2013

During The Session of Dipavali We are organizing Some Pooja and Yagya For You. Diwali is known for Increasing Money and wealth. Dipavali is being to start from 01 November to 05 November 2013. Please Click on Puja Name for participate any puja.

Mahalakshmi Puja

Any Day of Diwali

For getting Money and wealth Prosperity


Laxmi Kuber Puja

Any Day of Diwali 

It is one of the most powerful Puja for wealth and prosperity and Solve financial problems


Laxmi Pooja 


Any Day of Diwali 

Goddess Laxmi represents not only material wealth, but the wealth of grains, courage, valor, offspring's, success, luxurious life, eternal bliss


Dhanteras Puja

On 1 November


Dhanteras marks the first day of five-days-long Diwali Festival. In the word Dhanteras, "Dhan" stands for wealth. On Dhanteras Goddess Laxmi is worshiped to provide prosperity and well being.


Vyapar Vridhi Anushthan 

4 November on


Vyapar Vridhi Anushthan is meant for Business Success and managing good fortune for your business. Corporate Yagya is different than personal Yagya. There are certain basic principles for progressing the business of all kinds. Any industry, business, services, trade (small, middle or big) any category in any condition


Shri Sukta Puja

Any Day of Diwali

This is Key of getting money. The Sree-Sukta Path is a very powerful Pooja performed for ushering prosperity and wealth. Sree-Sukta Japa can be conducted for those who are seeking wealth and prosperity in life


Maha Laxmi Yagya


03 November on Malaxmi Puja Diwali Day

the performance of this MahaLakshmi Yagya is for wealth and prosperity. This Maha Laxmi Yagya Havan is specially performed for improvement in financial condition, wealth, property, better income, success in business & profession, profits in investments 


Kanak Dhara Yagya Havan


5 November

Bhai Duj

A person who wants immediate relief from financial problem can perform this yajna. If he is under some debt or his capital has been blocked or his dues are not getting cleared to some reason then he/she can perform a Kanakdhara yagna. 


Kuber Yagya


1 November DhanTeras Kuber Puja day

It is one of the most powerful Yagna for wealth and prosperity. It is performed for faster recovery of dues. It is performed to please the Adhipathi (king) of wealth and prosperity


Vishnu Puja


Any Day of Diwali 

Vishnu Puja is performed for long and happy life and for peace and happiness and to get rid of evils. Lord Vishnu represents the aspect of the Supreme Reality is the Lord of protection & maintenance. His wife Laxmi is the possessor of wealth, which is necessity for maintenance


Hanuman Jayanti Puja

2 November

For remove all types evils and sorrow.


MahaKali Puja

2 November Kali Chudas

Remove all types black magic and evil and sorrow


We are providing an opportunity for you that you may participant in this pooja.  
More over you may watch or do live telecast of every pooja on your PC by webcam at your home

Diwali puja Muhuart Apps on Play Store for android Mobile Download Now

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On 14th Feb 2014

valentine day date special puja for Love and MarraigeThe pooja of Kamdev-Rati is considering the best for happy and smooth relation in marriage or love life. This puja is very beneficial for marriage and love relationship. It is fairly believe that the Lord Kamdev and the Mata Rati helps to create love and affection in the worshipper's lives. The Lord Kamdev and Mata Rati are known as the God of love. Therefore, the Puja of both the Lord and Goddess are considering the effective one in order to maintain happiness and love in life. But the puja should perform through well and learned renowned Purohit in right manner.

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