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What is the time of diwali puja 2013

What is the time of diwali puja 2013

There are so many festivals which are celebrated in the country, India. They have mythological importance behind them. Hindus respect the culture and religion they live in. Diwali is among those festivals which are celebrated with joy and happiness in India. This festival has so much to offer to every age group. Besides the fun, this festival has a huge history. You can find the stories related to Diwali in every corner of this country.

 In Diwali, the Laxmi pujan is performed by the family members. They are performed in an auspicious time which is also known as muhurat. Diwali is celebrated in the auspicious time of Pradosh kaal. This time is experienced in the Karthik Krishna Paksha in a fixed Lagna Time. Laxmi pujan has to be performed in this muhurat. Along with goddess Laxmi, many other gods are also worshipped. In 2013, this year, Diwali will be celebrated on 3rd of November. The auspicious time must be considered as they are very important in order to perform pujan.

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valentine day date special puja for Love and MarraigeThe pooja of Kamdev-Rati is considering the best for happy and smooth relation in marriage or love life. This puja is very beneficial for marriage and love relationship. It is fairly believe that the Lord Kamdev and the Mata Rati helps to create love and affection in the worshipper's lives. The Lord Kamdev and Mata Rati are known as the God of love. Therefore, the Puja of both the Lord and Goddess are considering the effective one in order to maintain happiness and love in life. But the puja should perform through well and learned renowned Purohit in right manner.

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