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Jupiter Transit 2013

Jupiter Transit 2013

Jupiter is the huge planet and also known as, the Vrihaspati graph in Indian is the planet of justice, knowledge, and honesty. There are many mythological facts associated with the planet Jupiter. It is known as the guru of god and divinities. He is the lord of invocations and devotion. For the prediction of life of a child, the Jupiter is considered as the main factor or karaka.

In our astrology, the birth chart plays a vital role in the life of a person. It is generally predicted by the position of various planets. The present place of any planet is known as transit. The planets used to revolve around the sun so their position keeps on changing. Their changing position effects the life of the person positively at times while sometimes some negative aspects are also visible. Jupiter is the strongest planet of all and moving towards Taurus this year 2013 until 1 June 2013 after that it moves towards Gemini. Our renowned astrologers give the prediction of Jupiter transit by using authentic techniques. So have a look on your predicted life and meet all the challenges, good and bad part of life.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Aries

For you this is a positive time coming for you. The Jupiter is positioned in the second house. This period is bringing in you many opportunities regarding creativity and your talent. This is a time when your talent brings in happiness and new landmarks for you. You will enjoy life at its full and get the affection and love from all. You will be frank regarding your ideology and maintain the principles of your life throughout the year. You will be doing well in your work and your social life is commendable along with your shining performance during this year. Happiness will come through your life in the form of new family members’ arrival.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Taurus

The Jupiter is positioned in the first house of your kundali. You will be having an optimistic approach during this time. You will conquer your friends with your appealing personality. Grow your inner side and accept all challenges you are going to face during this time. You will be confident with your work but the degree of belayed work has to keep a check. Try to discover your spiritual and philosophical side and involve yourself in some spiritual activities, which will bring in peace of mind. You will be gifted with lots of happiness and your all needs will be fulfilled. The promotion or success in business makes your dream come true.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Gemini

The Jupiter is situated in the 12th house in Gemini’s horoscope. Be careful while doing any work as it may let you down in the future. This is the time full of gloom and miseries. Never let your hope down and look forward for the positive aspects in life. This is the time when your health also becomes a problem for you. You might have loss in various works, which you take in hand, but still certain gains are visible through overseas. During this time your work and family suffers so be alert and cautious. Be careful of your surroundings your enemies might succeed in letting you down.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Cancer

The position of Jupiter in 11th house will brings in lots of fortune for you. People will realize your        value and look forward for your cooperation. You will enjoy this renowned time and will be fortunate too in your family relations. Your children will bring in lots of happiness for you. This year brings in lots of cherishing and memorable moments for you. You will quest for the truth and meditate for acquiring it. So this is the duration which brings in lots of fame and happiness.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Leo

For Leo the situation of Jupiter in the 10th house will brings in desired change in your life. Your life will take a turn for which you were looking from a long time. An overall growth is visible during this duration. Deal with the people smartly. In addition, try to maintain the harmony in your personal and professional relations. Be alert, keep your eyes open, and be flexible for the opportunities coming in front of you during this time. The sweetness in your love life will be better than ever. This is a time when you might travel around for your work.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Virgo

Jupiter is situated at ninth house in Virgo. This is a time when you get authority and manage your work. Financially it’s a good time and you found new sources and connections for making improvements in the same. You might go for the overseas resources for making your income better. This is the time when you have the power to shape your life as you want and establish yourself at a higher position. You will spend your time and money in certain religious and spiritual activities. All the people nearby you support you in achieving the desired position and success in life during this schedule.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Libra

For Libra Jupiter is placed in 8th house and create complexities in your life. This is a time for being alert and cautious. Try to balance your presence and don’t involve too much in the activities at work place. This time is not suitable for making any investments and your decisions might let you towards failure. Don’t disappoint during this time. Your friends might not be there to stand for you it’s your courage which will be a big asset for you. You will be suffering from certain big health problems during this time. You might not even get the family support in your decisions..

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Scorpio

For scorpions the 7th position of Jupiter will brings in a time with full of energy and happiness. This energy is because of your hard work and dedication towards the work. Your leadership quality will brings in lot of fame for you. You will take part in some sports activities and bring laurels for everyone. You will gain respect from all the people because of your continuous efforts. This duration is opening the doors of opportunities for you. You will get the support from your family and spouse and enjoy it at its fullest.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Sagittarius

The 6th house is acquired by the Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is not a positive time and brings in sorrows and failure. You might lose your confidence. Don’t take any risk. You might have problems from your opponents and family or relatives. The work done by you at workplace will not bring in any gain for you and opponents will not let you reach towards any opportunities. This is also not a good time for you regarding your health. For women’s too it’s not good time.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Capricorn

The Jupiter is placed in the 5th house. This situation of Jupiter transit will brings in happiness not for you but for your entire family too. This is the time when you develop your inner self and enjoy your professional and personal life. Your dedication and hard work will be noticed by all. This is learning time and your growth will lead you towards the mental satisfaction. You will be rewarded for your work. You might have certain religious activities at home and develop communications for the better results

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Aquarius

The 4th house position of Jupiter will brings in opportunities for you. This is the time when you learn and grow. This is a time for seeking wisdom. You will experience extreme emotions and feel much closed to your family and friends. During this duration your priority is your family and relations, still you will perform well at work place. The ideals of your family bring in blessings for you from all people nearby you. You will get the appreciation from your seniors. There will be a positive change and your status will increase. You will enjoy this duration at its fullest.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Pisces

The position of Jupiter is 3rd house for Pisces. This time is offering you the chances to fulfill all your materialistic needs. You will get fame and the people will recognize your work. Your friendly nature will gets appreciated and you will spend a lot of time in socializing activities. You might get some health problems. Be ready for the transformations in your personality, which will improve your inner soul. The people will influence you. Hence time is looking for a good change and you will be get a call from all those who are well-wishers of you.

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